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Aiding from the low vision to the completely blind users in living an independent and disability-free life. That is done by enabling the users to know all the objects in their surroundings including text.

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What can Vditory do?


Reads any text in front of the user in several languages and even if it was upside down.


Describes everything in the users' surroundings, including telling them if they are indoor or outdoor, what are the objects around them. Also, if a face was detected, Vditory will tell them their Age, Gender, and Emotions.


Recognizes people's faces, telling the users who are they talking to and how they feel according to the emotions that their faces are showing.


Makes a beeping sound if the users misplace their glasses, which enables them to follow the sound and find its location.


Recognizes any Color in front of the users which lets them match their clothes and understand their surroundings better.


Recognizes any currency in the users' hands, to help them make Financial Transactions and Payments Securely.


Watch Vditory on Media Channels.

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